Black Gold

The Bachelor's thesis is a journey to making an artistic statement and exploring how it can be utilized from a fashion designer’s perspective. The work makes a statement towards the destruction of ecosystems due to the acts of human kind. Fundamental visual elements that summarize the theme are bladder wrack seaweed (lat. fucus vesiculosus) that is a key species of the Baltic Sea and oil in its different forms. The collection is a conversation between these two elements. Used materials, material manipulation techniques and the composition of them together create a narrative that begins its journey from bloom to destruction of an ecosystem. There is still a new beginning in every ruin.
In the thesis wool-viscose felt is cut with laser to image the three dimensional and sprawling aesthetics of bladder wrack. Heat glue with silicone paper and textile wax are used in creating an expression of glossy surface of oil.

Design: Iiris Herttua
Photos: Emma Sarpaniemi
Hair & makeup: Eevaleena Liedes
Model: Verna/Brand